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Ever feel compelled to share information of how the Lord is working in your life? Has Jesus rescued you from Freemasonry, False Doctrines, New Age practices, etc...? If so, your testimony will help others come out. If you have any other topics or photos pertaining to the last days, if you email them to me, I will use them on the channel and give you the credit. As always, I will never share your name or personal information unless you permit it. I respect privacy. I have had many people contact me via email and my PO Box with information regarding how the Lord has rescued them from Masonry, Vatican/Papal doctrines, New Age practices, etc... and set them free. If you feel led to share, you may impact others!


New Channel Schedule to Come!  There will soon be days specifically set aside for certain subjects on the channel. Example: Each Day of the week will have a different prophetic theme assigned to them. Tune in soon for the updated schedule and which days those subjects will be shown. 

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Share Your Photos & Prophetic "Finds" With Me!

If You Email Me With Your Testimonies Regarding Freemasonry, False Doctrine, Prophetic Topics I will Share It On The Channel. Your Testimony and How God Has Rescued You Will Impact Others' Lives. All Names Are Kept Confidential.

Many subscribers are emailing me photos of where they live that pertain to the cashless society, prophetic events, etc. Join in!